Our Company Advantages of France Entrepreneur Immigration

  1. Fast Track Program
    Simple application requirement, fast processing and issuing of approval
  2. Triple Reviews
    In Globevisa, triple reviews are conducted to each case by program manager, program director and legal team respectively, guaranteeing the high success rate of application.
  3. Industry Leader
    Globevisa is one of the earliest companies that started services on immigration, having ample experience in this field and a high success rate of application.
  4. European PR
    Obtain European Blue Card after settling in France.

France Entrepreneur Immigration Eligibility Criteria

France Entrepreneur Immigration

Eligibility Criteria

French Entrepreneurial immigration - legal representative Category 
Requirements on Parent Company
- Revenue of the latest year reaches EUR 641,000
- At least 10 staff of full-time employment
Criteria on Applicant
- At least 3 months of experience at upper management position at the parent company, understands the operations of the company and authorized to give approvals in area of HR, Finance
- Applicant’s annual gross salary must be greater than or equal to €55,000. 

French entrepreneurial immigration - Self-employment Category
-Candidates must have master’s degree or at least 5 years of work experience in related field of start-up business
-Workable business plan applicable in French law
-To invest at least €30,000 in the project
-Salary in France must meet minimum wage requirement (€ 1,600 /month)

French entrepreneurial immigration- Business Investor (Entrepreneur) Stream
-To hold at least 10% share of a local enterprise
-Create job opportunities for France citizens consistency for 4 years.
-To invest in tangible or intangible fixed assets of at least €300,000 to the business (including the expenses of company owned vehicles, premises, and equipment)
-Salary in France must meet minimum wage requirement (€ 1,600 /month)

Note: none of the above streams require company tax filing record or requirement to submit social security supporting documents.


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France Entrepreneur Immigration Time Frame

7 steps application, processing Time at: 6-8 month(s)
STEP - 1

Contract Signing

Settle service agreement with Globevisa.
STEP - 2

Document Collection

Collect document and prepare document profile.
STEP - 3

Company Registration

Complete company registration in France.
STEP - 4

Profile Reviewing

Confirm all submitting documents under Globeivsa triple review system.
STEP - 5

Visa Application

Submission reservation arrangement and full document submission.
STEP - 6

Government Processing Period

Due diligence and interview arrangement if necessary (1-2 Months).
STEP - 7


Land in France after receiving government approval.

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Value -Added Service

We also offer considerate follow-up services, such as application for renewal, permanent residence and family reunification.

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